Jimmy G opened locker room door at San Jose Sharks game

Ahead of a massive playoff game against the Vegas Golden Knights, Jimmy Garoppolo decided to bless the San Jose Sharks with his presence.

We have seen some interesting pregame traditions in the playoffs. Whether it’s the Vegas Golden Knights impersonating every team in the league or Taylor Lewan chugging a beer out of a catfish, playoff teams have come up with creative ways to fire up the crowd.

The San Jose Sharks are no different. They made headlines in the first round when their playoff towels featured the classic game “Duck Hunt” to beat their opponents before they even hit the ice. While the latest iteration of those towels leaves something to be desired, they still killed it with their pre-anthem ritual.

As everyone knows, the Sharks enter the ice to “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica through a shark’s mouth. But the NBC cameras decided to capture the team as they walked out of their locker room because there was a special guest on hand. Lo and behold, there was San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, sporting a Sharks jersey, holding the door open for the team:

It may have been a short cameo, but it was one we won’t soon forget. And perhaps, in an effort to attract more fans to the sport, the camera crews will put a shot of Garoppolo every chance they can get.

Jimmy G. Touchdowns (the “G” stands for gets) has been a revelation ever since he moved to the Bay Area. He has energized a fanbase that has been starving for playoff success. Even though the 49ers finished the season 6-10, there’s genuine excitement for next season as Garoppolo won every start in a 49ers jersey.

But since the NFL season doesn’t start for another four months, Jimmy GQ has caught Sharks playoff fever. And as someone who has yet to lose a game in his career, it makes sense that the Sharks would turn to him to try and secure a big win.

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