Clay Matthews is robbed again on a bad call (Video)

For the second week in a row, Clay Matthews has been called for roughing the passer despite seemingly doing nothing wrong in hitting the quarterback.

Last week, Clay Matthews was called for roughing the passer after hitting Kirk Cousins. However, it seemed as though there was nothing else he could do, and the penalty allowed the Vikings to tie the game.

This week, he has also been called for roughing the passer. It is even more questionable than last week, and it was hard to imagine that. Matthews seemingly sacked Alex Smith cleanly before seeing the flag. Yes, he sacked him, it wasn’t even after the throw. Despite not touching Smith’s face mask or committing a horse collar, he was somehow called for the penalty.

One cannot blame Mike McCarthy for absolutely losing it on the referees. It makes absolutely no sense. Matthews had no other options than to tackle Smith in that way. He did his best to avoid helmet contact, keeping it on Smith’s shoulder. Naturally, his momentum carried him on to Smith for the landing.

In no way that Matthews take a dirty shot after the play or use unnecessary force to tackle. There was no better way to tackle Alex Smith in this situation and the referee expected him to. The NFL has to explain what exactly they are looking for in how defensive players need to tackle quarterbacks. Right now, nobody knows.

This rule is worse than the catch rule. While last year, the reasons for or against a play being a catch could be understood by the way the rule is worded, regardless of what it should have been. Now, nobody knows what should be happening. The rule cost the Packers a win last weekend, and now cost them another 15 yards this week.

Matthews somehow kept his cool, despite being robbed again by a ridiculous rule. This needs to be fixed.

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